Welcome to WTH

The primary reason of this page is to make some tiny portion of knowledge accumulated by humanity (that everybody should know of) accessible for everybody who is curious enough. 

Also to discuss key points of life; the meaning of it; & provide a TLDR summary for ideas worth spreading.

You being HERE (alive) - RIGHT NOW is a miracle; odds against chance of almost impossible..
#yet there you are, at the entrance of your journey down the rabbit hole...
#escaping the filter bubble of the Internet.

Some people live their life without thinking about the WHY, the meaning or the reason of it...

others might get lost in vicious circles of eternally searching for THE PATH

some believe that they have no control and are willfully blind to everything that comes to them by chance - just accepting it, or even worship their destiny while being the victims of circumstances; 

and then there are those as well who could do anything yet they trap themselves in a rat-race set up by themselves, which is the ultimate sacrifice *usually not worth taking*
- privileged person who has the access to high education & technology often times get being so caught up in their future goals that they do not take the time to enjoy the present;
[yet that is the time that matters - if you control your present you also control your past & future] 
they pass by the small joys of life; as is for example listening to a stranger, smiling back at children, watching the Sun rising, taking the joy of doing something new, having a pet...
or even give up on family/relationships in order to became the most powerful Wizard in a particular field..

Regarding this desire to master something:

  • men are more likely to chase these kind of goals than women, because that is how we have evolved.
    Archetypes of man may be different; but as man we all share the trait of a hunter.
    We have been hunting even before Homo Sapiens Sapiens appeared
    (roughly 300,000 years ago)...
    That means that our brain structure is designed mainly for that purpose;
    #since 2M years

  • However in the modern days hunting *as an activity for survival* has became an obsolete thing (in the civilized parts #majority of our world)
    & been completely replaced by work and sports.
    (especially games with ball, that are imitating or similar to hunting in a way that it is a team play and there is one object to be chased...)

    For women their primary reason was always relationships;
    that is why retirement is so devastating for man, yet it does not really affect women.

- There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.
- You are your own worst enemy.
- You waste previous time dreaming of the future instead of engaging in the present.

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