OCEAN (Openness - Conscientiousness - Extraversion - Agreeableness - Neuroticism) Test:

PERMA Profiler #acronym for Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment
- the basic dimensions of psychological flourishing)

The Authentic Happiness Inventory #provides an overall measure of your happiness levels

https://dichotomytests.com/ #Philosophy; Fear; Memes; Personality Compass

Your Signature Strengths #24 character strengths

-IQ test:  https://www.iqtest.dk/main.swf or  https://test.mensa.no/

- Are you AWAKE or on Autopilot(?); which hemisphere is dominant #right unconscious:

Are you consciously deciding for your actions or you follow the  alpha(?): https://sarahmyles.net/2013/07/22/borderline-personality-disorder-and-the-chameleon-effect/

"Main cause of human suffering is not knowing who you are"

...what to strive for?

Hope > Gratitude > Love > other traits...

The only significant independent positive predictors of well-being were gratitude and love of learning. --Note that love, honesty, hope and humor came very close.

The single best predictor of well-being was gratitude.



#life #selfdev

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