A definite pessimist believes the future can be known, but since it will be bleak, he must prepare for it. Perhaps surprisingly, 

China is probably the most definitely pessimistic place in the world today. 

When Americans see the Chinese economy grow ferociously fast (10% per year since 2000), we imagine a confident country mastering its future. But that's because Americans are still optimists, and we project our optimism onto China. From China's viewpoint, economic growth cannot come fast enough. Every other country is afraid that China is going to take over the world; China is the only country afraid that it won't.
China can grow so fast only because its starting base is so low. The easiest way for China to grow is to relentlessly copy what has already worked in the West. And that's exactly what it's doing: executing definite plans by burning ever more coal to build ever more factories and skyscrapers. But with a huge population pushing resource prices higher, there's no way Chinese living standards can ever actually catch up to those of the richest countries, and the Chinese know it. This is why the Chinese leadership is obsessed with the way in which things threaten to get worse. Every senior Chinese leader experienced famine as a child, so when the Politburo looks to the future, disaster is not an abstraction. The Chinese public, too, knows that winter is coming. Outsiders are fascinated by the great fortunes being made inside China, but they pay less attention to the wealthy Chinese trying hard to get their money out of the country. Poorer Chinese just save everything they can and hope it will be enough. Every class of people in China takes the future deadly seriously. 

"Hongkong government is introducing the Chinese social credit system. So if u cross the street at red light, -1 score. If u say anything bad about the government, minus a few scores. When ur score is too low, u will lose the right to use the subway and plane. There is a mma fighter Xu Xiao-dong, who were known for challenging and defeating traditional martial artists, got rated as a class D citizen and lost his right to own cars wtf." -source

- Tiredness leads to stress - extreme stress leads to obedience (especially to authorities)
#The Milgram Experiment
- Masses are subject to groupthink & loss of one's self identity; they mirror the Leader's emotional behavior
#Nazi Germany

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